About Lovely Large Shoes

Not so Lovely Prices

I loved shoes and in my early teens, in a small town, finding size 10 1/2 AA shoes meant shopping in high end shoe stores, and my lovely large shoes were indeed not so lovely prices!  Regular shops carried only to size 9, so it was a challenge to shop within the budget, and make careful choices, because I had to make do with only a few pair.

My father always said it was no wonder I always had a cold – there was so much of me on the ground, but with such a good grounding, I should have a good understanding of people. Might as well see the benefits instead of the short-comings.

We all have daily choices that contribute to growth and experience. Sometimes that closeup perspective prevents our seeing all of the angles and ramifications of a choice and it’s only with hindsight that the picture becomes clear.  Choosing shoes isn’t exactly character-building, except for learning to budget.  But then it’s always easy to look back down the years and see which path we should have taken, which choice we should have made.

Choosing footwear hasn’t been a problem for you – you just wish there had been some choices to make! All the pretty shoes are size 8!  Short-sighted retailers are still thinking back in the 19th century, when a large foot was size 10. The younger generations have outgrown them and they are not meeting our needs, so we need to help ourselves. Now with the internet, we have access to any size shoe and style we would like.  Grandma never dreamed of such convenience and choice.