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Over 40 Style Secrets

The 20 Style Secrets Of Hip, Healthy & Sexy Women Over 40

The lifestyle habits of hip, healthy & sexy women over 40 allow them to enjoy living life to its fullest. They have learned to embrace aging and as a result, look and feel better than at any other time in their life. Their style is a reflection of the essence of the inside that is consistently brought forward to the outside. The unspoken communication of their style demonstrates to the world they understand and accept who they are; this radiates authentic personal power and confidence that draws others towards them. They live life by a savvy set of rules that are uniquely their own. Hip, healthy and sexy women over 40 know:
  1. Their style is an integration of their identity and image. They know their identity is the core of who they are, a combination of values and personality. Their image is how others see them. They buy clothing that is an integration of these two elements, knowing this is the secret to their authentic style power.
  2. They shop with a plan. They are committed to maximizing their shopping time with a prioritized list. Once they have reached their goal, they can be free to explore and find new discoveries.
  3. They only buy what they love. They shop for clothing that appeals to them. They are not influenced by price tags. They will never buy something that they like just because it is on sale. They would rather spend more for something they love that makes them look and feel amazing every time they put it on.
  4. They don’t make purchase decisions based on size tags. They understand all clothing manufacturers cut to their own specifications and sizes can vary wildly. They judge a garment by how it fits, flatters and makes them feel.
  5. They show their shape, not their skin. They have learned the powerful and confident unspoken statement made by leaving more to the imagination. They skim the sexy curves of their body rather than excessively showing skin.
  6. They know the difference between staying modern and hip versus young and trendy. They stay in touch with trends but don’t feel they have to buy fads. They understand which to adopt and which to take a pass.
  7. They maintain the defining details, hair and nails. You won’t see them stuck in a hairstyle from a favorite decade, be in need of a trim or have stray grays. Their nails are always well groomed and clean. They understand the impact of head-to-toe grooming maintenance.
  8. They know their body, emphasizing the positive and camouflaging the flaws. They have taken an honest assessment of their body and are happy to lead with the positive.
  9. They don’t discuss their flaws publicly and are comfortable accepting a compliment. They accept compliments graciously and warmly with a simple, “Thank you!”
  10. All areas of their wardrobe are consistent quality. They shop consciously with a focused purpose preferring quality over quantity. You will not find a variation in style and quality in their casual, career and evening wardrobes. Their style is consistent for all occasions.
  11. Foundational areas of their wardrobe are complete. They have fun with statement pieces. The foundational basics of their wardrobe are covered thoroughly with great quality, fit, kept in good condition and replenished when necessary. They have fun with statement pieces and accessories to give their style a defining boost.
  12. They keep their closets neat and organized. They know the condition of their closet is in direct relationship to their emotional connection with their bodies and reflects other areas of their life. Their impeccably organized closet allows them to easily see all their clothing options to get the most out of everything they own.
  13. They mix brands, avoiding head to toe designer looks. They enjoy expressing their personality with their clothes, making each day a new opportunity to express who they are and how they feel.
  14. They understand the power of clothing and style. They are very aware of the non-verbal cues and communication clothing makes. They make deliberate style statements and carefully craft their statement of choice.
  15. They maximize the power of undergarments. They know that choosing the proper fitting undergarments can change the shape of their bodies. The right bra lifts and separates, shapewear nips, tucks, smoothes and allows clothing to glide across their body.
  16. They create one incredibly strong and interesting focal point. They enjoy drawing the eye to a fun fashion statement that can become a conversation starter or to be known for their signature style such as great shoes or scarves.
  17. They look fabulous at any size. If there are times when their weight fluctuates, that does not prevent them from keeping them from having impeccable style.
  18. They have excellent eye contact, a warm smile and confident posture. They know that no matter how great their outfit looks; it is how they carry themselves that is really priceless. These are the things that make the greatest impact and leave the most memorable impression.
  19. They consistently monitor their hormones. Once they reach perimenopause, they measure and monitor their hormonal health knowing it is the single most important contributing factor affecting their emotional and physical health. They know it has more influence on their weight and shape than anything else they will eat or do. It is the absolute foundation affecting overall health and wellbeing.
  20. They have a positive attitude about life over forty. They know its not just about aging; it’s an opportunity to be better than at any other time in life. They are their own best health advocates, empowered with knowledge, supported by a strong network of peers and competent health professionals. They know this is the time when you get a second chance to be better than you have ever been. This is their time to live hip, healthy and sexy over 40!
By: Sybil Henry Article Directory: Sybil Henry brings her passion and experience from the fashion and beauty industries to help women win the battle of aging and live hip, healthy & sexy over 40. She is founder of the website The Style Concierge and delivers a free weekly email highlighting one product or service solution every Hip Monday, Healthy Wednesday & Sexy Friday. You can learn more about this free service by  
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Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots: Still The Hottest Cold Weather Footwear

UGG Australia is the premier brand for luxury sheepskin footwear. Not only are their boots and shoes the gold standard for comfort and warmth, they have become the hottest cold weather footwear around. Just take one look at any gossip magazine and you will find pictures of dozens of celebrities proudly sporting these boots in all four seasons.UGG proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when choosing winter footwear. Their boots, shoes and slippers are available for men, women and children, so the whole family can stay fashionable warm together.

The UGG Difference

What makes UGG’s footwear so unique is that the wool fibers of the sheepskin insulate your feet while also allowing heat and moisture to be wicked away. So regardless of the temperature outside, your tootsies stay at body temperature. The removable insole lining of thick, natural fleece also molds to your foot shape for added comfort.

Women’s UGGs

UGGs are a great way to stay fashionably warm, whether you’re out in the elements or just relaxing at home. For their women’s line, when you think of UGGs, the boots that first come to mind are their Classic Tall and Short boots with the rounded toes and plush linings.Made of twin-faced Grade A Sheepskin, these two Classic styles also have flexible, lightweight, molded EVA outsoles. Available colors for both include Black, Chocolate, Chestnut, Sand, Paisley, Gray, Metallic Gold, Terracotta, Eggplant and Magenta Sheepskin. The Classic Tall is also available in Baroque Black, Baroque Sand, Marbled Nickel, Bomber Jacket Leather, Marbled Copper or Mulberry Sheepskin. The only difference between the Classic Tall and Short style is the shaft height. The Tall has an 11 inch shaft height while the Short is 8 inches. Another UGGs style that comes to mind is their Classic Cardy boot. Made of heathered merino wool, this slouchy style is like a sweater for your feet. With a sheepskin-covered foam insole and a flexible molded EVA outsole, the Cardy is embellished with three wooden buttons with the UGG logo. This boot can be worn up, scrunched down or cuffed over for a variety of style options. The Cardy is available in Gray, Indigo, Black, Fig, Moss and Sorbet. For an UGG that is a bit more urban than their traditional boots, the Kensington is a motorcycle boot with an edgy style that still has the cozy comfort that is this brand’s trademark. Made of the softest distressed full-grain leather and lined with genuine sheepskin, the Kensington has buckle hardware and a signature metal UGG logo on the heel. The outsole is EVA with molded rubber pod inserts for traction and durability. The insole is genuine sheepskin sock liner. While many people think UGG only makes boots, they also have some great shoes and slippers as well. The women’s UGG Gael is a modern clog, with a 2½ inch wedge heel and a knit cuff. Made of soft, rich leather and suede, the Gael features a sheepskin lining and a suede covered Poron footbed for unparalleled comfort. The Gael is available in Black, Chestnut and Gravy On the slipper side of the spectrum, one of UGG’s most popular styles is the Coquette. The Coquette is a clog-like slip-on style made of twin-faced sheepskin. It has a moisture-wicking sheepskin sockliner and molded EVA outsoles for traction and durability. The Coquette is available in Black, Chestnut, Sand and Felt.

Men’s & Children’s Styles

While UGG’s iconic boots like the Classic and the Cardy are more widely recognized as women’s styles, UGG also has footwear for men and children. On the men’s side, UGG makes a good variety of boots, shoes, sandals and slippers. For boots, men have their version of the Classic Short UGG boot. Made of twin-faced sheepskin, the Men’s Classic has the same features as the women’s style. The shaft height on Men’s Classic short is 8.5 inches. It is available in Chestnut Suede or Bomber Chestnut Leather. Men looking for an edgier boot will love the UGG Rockville II. Made of full-grain waterproof leather, this motorcycle boot has metal buckle details and a molded rubber outsole. With two interchangeable insoles of leather and sheepskin, your comfort can be customized as needed. The shaft height on this boot is 7 inches. The Rockville II comes in Dune leather.For shoes, the men’s UGG Ladigo is the perfect casual Friday footwear. Made of rich leathers and suedes, this slip-on loafer has interchangeable leather and sheepskin insoles and a cork-infused outsole for excellent traction. The Ladigo comes in Black and Stout colored leather. On the children’s side of things, even the youngest of your family members can get in on the UGG action with a variety of boots. The Classic in Short and Tall is available for Toddlers size 7-12 and Youth size 13 – 6. Available colors include Chestnut, Black, Sand, Chocolate Brown and Metallic Copper. Available colors depend on the size and which Classic style you choose.Another boot option for kids is the Bailey Button. This boot comes in the shorter single button style or a taller triple button style. It is similar in look to the Classic, but the outside ankle has either a single button or a row of three buttons up the shaft. The single button version comes in black or pink logo sheepskin. The triple button version comes in chestnut, chocolate or black. The Bailey Button Boots are available in Youth sizes 13 – 6. For winter footwear that is big on comfort and warmth but still packs a style punch, UGG is a brand that truly delivers. So say goodbye to winter boots that make you pine for warmer climes. With UGG, you have the ultimate cold weather fashion statement. By: Barabbas Chambers Article Directory: Barabbas Chambers is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics and brands such as Ugg Boots.
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