Cross Dressing

Cross Dressing is More Popular Than Ever

This is the Army Mr Jones
This is the Army Mr Jones

Throughout history, cross dressing has been used as a means of disguise and entertainment.  Spies and military people have found it convenient to appear to be the other sex to accomplish their assignments.  Stage and film actors provide hours of fun, mascarading as the opposite sex.

The term cross-dressing denotes an action or a behavior without attributing or implying any specific causes for that behavior. It is often assumed that the connotation is directly correlated with behaviors of transgender identity or sexual, fetishist, and homosexual behavior, but the term itself does not imply any motives and is not synonymous to one’s gender identity.

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There is still a certain amount of fun associated with cross dressing, but psychology is being considered more frequently.  Some Cross-dressers are seriously determined to become the opposite sex and are going to extremes to accomplish this end.  The availability of surgery to complete the process validates their desires to make the change.

Keeping to the fun side of things, we sympathize with the guys who have tried to get a man’s foot into the average ladies size 9 shoe, let alone walk on it!  The movie “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson shaving his legs always comes to mind – Why do women do it?

So hopefully we have some large sized ladies shoes for you guys too.